hydraulic cylinders

Aiming at quality

Since 1994 M.G.M., whose 6000 m2 large production plants lie on a 15000 m2 area, located in northeastern Italy, has been producing high-quality hydraulic cylinders, for many different applications, in response to specific requests of its customers.

The Company’s policy is to establish ongoing relationships with its customers, so as to achieve a continuous, reciprocal exchange of competence.

An extremely flexible and versatile production, together with the use of certified materials received from selected suppliers, a production process which is entirely controlled in Italy, as well as the final testing of every single cylinder, enable the acceptance and fullfillment of any kind of request.

Italian manufacturers since 1994

Since 1994 M.G.M. produces custom-made hydraulic cylinders.
Cutting edge technology and innovation allow maximum efficiency and, above all, competitiveness in terms of quality levels.

M.G.M. has partnerships with leading companies that operate internationally in the multiple sectors of hydraulic automation.

M.G.M. produces over 40.000 cylinders yearly, with dimensions that range up to 200 mm bores and 5000 mm strokes.

Quality control systems

The technical staff is highly qualified, and able to offer solutions and complete designs in response to even the most complex customer's requests.

M.G.M meets the quality levels required by the markets, in compliance with the ISO 9001 quality control system rules, having received the certification in the year 2002.

State-of-the-art machinery

The machinery in the production plant is being constantly updated.
An optimal production is always guaranteed by an in-depth technical study, by constant control during the different production stages, by a careful selection of suppliers and, finally, by complete testing of every single finished product.

Systematic testing of every hydraulic cylinder

Every single hydraulic cylinder undergoes hydraulic testing on dedicated, semi-automatic test benches, in order to guarantee tightness and proper functioning.

Custom packing

Custom-made wooden boxes, beddings and pallets are the essential elements of packing, employed to guarantee high protection and physical integrity of the products, with all kinds of transportation and to any destination in the world.

M.G.M. offers complete logistical and packing services, according to customers' needs.